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The Wicked Imagination of a Teenage Kid
This creepy comedy features J.C. (Daylan Neal), a teenager who has a supernatural trait--
he can't eat before he goes to sleep, or his imagination comes to life in a creepy way!
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CandiRainProductions is excited to present our first film festival selected documentary 
Love, Dance
As a dancer myself, I see the light of dance. The freedom. The undeniable release of expression within our human forms transformed outwardly for all to see through the movements of our bodies. I want the world to experience this from Columbus, OH. A relatively small city, but full of the light of dance, feeding the creative souls that yearn for that beat, that step, that pop or that pirouette.
This film follows 11 dancers discussing how dance has changed their life. In these stories, dance is the expression for the soul, the outlet for depression or fear, a safe place where true freedom is experienced. You will definitely be inspired by the drive and the incredible passion the dancers display surrounding this creative art form. 
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Get to know the dancers better!
Here's what a few people had to say about Love, Dance...

"This was an amazing movie!!! I was dancing in my chair with the stars in the movie!! It made me go home and dance. It reminds you of why dance is so important to those of us who are passionate about it. Dance is therapy, dance is art. You don't have to be a professional to love it and to be passionate about it. The movie was powerful as it spoke on dreams being put on hold, bullying, domestic violence, and keeping our youth off the streets. I am most impressed that such a young woman created this film with no assistance with anything! She had no funding, no grants, no editors, no assistant, no crew, no producer, no director, she had nothing but drive, talent, a dream, and the love of dance. Well done can't wait to buy it on DVD and for her next film.....don't sleep on this young lady....she is a rising star!!!"

-Tasha Neal

"Wonderful documentary! Our instructor, Adewunmi, brought his passion for dance full center. It is why I absolutely love and look forward to his class!, Malik's message was powerful and moving and Kenneth brilliantly used dance to help his students overcome one of the many realities of life. I was mesmerized through the whole movie listening to all the dancers create art while sharing their personal journies as dancers and ultimately, as artists. Thank you, Candace, for this awesome collaboration of genious! Consider me one of your fans and so look forward to seeing more of your work!"

-Natalie Revis

"Love, Dance is an honest look inside of the hearts and minds of 11 Columbus, Ohio based dancers. It is a love letter to the viewer, from Dance herself, baring her soul and explaining her role in the lives of the various dancers. As someone who has loved dance since the age of 5, I could relate to the narrative of this film as the subjects described dance as an outward expression of what's inside of you, a voice for us introverts who sometimes struggle to speak up, a necessity. Each of the 11 subjects bring their own voice, their own experience, their own authenticity. And that is what I enjoyed most about this documentary: It is authentic, real, honest."

-Comfort Witcher

"A MOST EXCELLENT FILM! Had such a great time being swept behind the scenes and into the hearts and minds of those whose bodies EXCEL in movement, whose ambitions range from revealing the past, to loving/sharing the present, to bringing others into the world of dance and out of lesser things and certainly those whose hearts drive it all and therefore create community!"

-Christa Moret