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Don't Regret these 3 Things like 75% of Other Brides!

He asked. You accepted. And now the planning! If you didn't know before, I'm sure you know now that planning a wedding should be ranked one of the busiest jobs ever! However, there are some good times, I mean after all you are getting married to your true love. So, after all the hard work of planning, coordinating, shopping, fittings, tastings and interviewing vendors what don't you want to regret? We searched the blogs and popular wedding websites to find the top 3 common regrets right from the brides themselves.

#1 I didn't hire a professional Videographer.

Well of course you would see this on a videographers webpage, they want to make money. But there is no bias here. According to a WEVA study conducted in 2006, 98% of brides surveyed hired a photographer, but only 29% hired a videographer. After the wedding, 75% consider hiring a Wedding Videographer to be a "Top 10" service. This is important. The value of wedding video is becoming more apparent in the last few years. Make sure to research the vendors properly and make sure you are satisfied with what they are offering. Remember, there is a lot going on during the wedding day, most of the time the Bride and Groom barely get to eat and party. Making sure all those moments are captured will make looking back on this day 10 or 20 years from now a truly special moment.

More information on the study can be found here:

#2 I Should've watched my Photographer more Closely.

Sometimes you the Photographer can end up taking hundreds of picture, at least, on your wedding day. If there are 2 photographers you can double that number! But this is a good thing for you, that's why they are there. However, we found out that some brides didn't speak up when they didn't like a certain pose or photo. It is ok to speak up! I work with Photographers and they just want to give you the best memories they can. If you have an idea you want to try out, share it! If you are uncomfortable with something, express it! It is your wedding day. Beware of the thin line. If you hired them you must have loved their work and trust them as a professional to do their job effeciently. You don't want to have to babysit anyone on your wedding day.

Check out this Wedding Survey by Shutterfly:

#3 I Let all the Stress get to Me.

AHH! A million things are going wrong all at once. The flowers are late, the seating is off, my groom messed up his tux...I'm just thinking worse case scenarios. In the past, I've learned that weddings never start on time because something is always running late. This isn't the end of the world. I've witnessed many brides get worked up from having to deal with all the last minute details. Be sure to designate a point person. Give your cell phone away! Accept no calls and have all mesasges relayed to you only in emergencies, your job is to focus on getting ready and staying calm. With the late weddings and stressful brides I've witnessed, I also noticed that in the end, everything works out perfectly. So when things seem to be piling up on you, don't sweat it. Try to stay as calm as possible and know that the important thing that is happening, besides the decorations, the catering, the dj, the videographer and photographer, is that you are marrying the love of your life. As long as that happens, everything will be perfect.

So now that you know how other brides have felt, make sure you don't regret the same things. Engage in the blogs and ask questions to other brides to see if they can help or reccomend any must have vendors to you. Stay tuned for more blogs and Happy Planning!

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